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Congratulations To Mick Mixon

Mick Mixon will be the new voice of the Carolina Panthers, according to the Charlotte Observer, thus joining the general exodus of folks from UNC athletics this spring.

It's a shrewd move by the Panthers, who will be able to plug tens of thousands of people into a very familiar voice.

And can we just say a word about Mick? We haven't talked to him in a while, but he's always been just great to us. We've e-mailed at times, and he's always been witty and kind and the epitome of a friendly rival. We have the greatest respect for him, and here's how far it goes: we might even listen to more than a minute of Panthers radio next time we're spinning the dial around in the car.

It's hard to believe he won't be doing the UNC games anymore. We yield to no one in our desire to see UNC squashed like a bug, but we have always enjoyed listening to their radio broadcasts. Woody Durham at times is a bit over the top, like this basketball season when he said ("get this, Mick") that Duke had had less fouls called than Tech in Durham and Atlanta. The horror!

That sort of nonsense aside, Woody (he he) Durham has always painted vivid pictures on the radio, and Mick Mixon have phenomenal chemistry. We'll miss Mick, one of the true good guys in the ACC, and a rational voice at all times.

Best of luck in the bigs!