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Doherty's Comeback Begins

Well, it looks like Matt Doherty has found a new home: he'll
be the new head coach at Florida Atlantic
. It's quite a step down from
Notre Dame or UNC, but at least he's back in the game, and that's obviously what
he's wanted. Now the question is: what next?

After his flameout at UNC, the general sentiment seemed to be he'd be back in
coaching relatively quickly, and probably at a significant power. That's
obviously not happened. His demise at UNC, with the concerns over his
temperament and the way he treated his players, has probably kept him from
getting back in sooner and at a higher level.

On the bright side, he did get most of talent in on a national championship
team, and he's had a lot of time to reflect on his fall. So maybe he's dealt
with his issues. It'll be interesting to see if he can resume his climb.