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Disturbing Read On Duke Baseball

If you missed it, there
was a very tough article in the Chronicle Friday about the Duke baseball team
included allegations of steroid use and abusive behavior by head coach Bill

We've had our differences with the Chronicle lately, but there are still
enough points in this article to suggest it be taken seriously.

However, there is also some editorializing, like this: "The University administration also received a letter from a concerned parent in Spring 2002 detailing her son’s experience with Hillier’s abrasive style and irresponsible coaching."

We would have probably said allegedly irresponsible coaching.

Nonetheless, there's enough there there to hope that the University follows
up on everything and makes sure that the baseball program is run ethically and
decently and that it sets the highest possible standard of accountability. We
don't think anyone who cares about the University would read this and be proud.