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Eric Williams Takes The Plunge

Forest's Eric Williams has opted to enter the NBA draft,
although he won't
be getting an agent. Not surprisingly, he has a different take on the
whole business than most kids:

"I see myself coming back,'' Williams told the Winston-Salem Journal. "But this whole testing the waters thing is something that I'm doing just to see if I can achieve the dream I have been chasing my whole life.

"I'm the only one in my family that has attempted this, and it has been a big deal for us. I think that's why I want to try. It's about my family. It's not about being in the press. It's not about money. It's not about this, that or the other.

"It's about what I can achieve to be sort of an icon for a family that hasn't had anything like this at all.''

That's kind of different, anyway.