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Thank You So Very Much

We want to thank everyone who has helped with the spring fundraiser.
We'll do a final tally shortly, but right now we're at around $26,000.
Aside from the indispensable cash support, we were very heartened by the number
of kind messages and good wishes. It only makes us want to do a better job

As you know, we are trying to do some ambitious things now, and we're not
entirely sure how far along that road we are. But we'll keep plugging away
until we figure it all out.

We're well into sending out thank you notes, and hope to finish an extensive
list before too very much longer. We'll post a note here when we do, and if you
have contributed and have not heard back from us at that point, please let us
know. We obviously want to thank you in a more personal manner, but aside
from that, in the event that we make changes in the site, we want to make sure
that we have an accurate record of everyone who has supported us.

We're very excited about where we are, and what our potential from here can
be, and we are so very grateful to everyone for being a part of it. It
means more to us than you can know.