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Duhon, Bulls Make Playoffs

The Chicago Bulls are finally back in the playoffs, thanks in no small part
to rookies Luol Deng and Chris Duhon.

Deng, as a lottery pick, was of course expected to be a big factor. But
Duhon, who was drafted in the second round, and was widely advertised as a
journeyman player, was not. But there he is, playing about as well for the
Bulls as he played for Duke his senior year.

That could be misinterpreted, of course. He's moved up a level and is
playing better at that level. What we mean is that as Duke's point guard,
he had a profound affect on every game Duke played, and an awful lot to do with
Duke's success. The same is true in Chicago. The kid has had a
sensational year, and is likely to be a Bull for years to come. We
couldn't be happier for him, and if we've been prouder of a Duke player in the
NBA, with the possible exception of Shane Battier, we can't think of him