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Redick Reiterates - I'll Be Back

J.J. Redick is telling anyone who will listen that he's coming back to Duke
for his senior year, so we're guessing he means it.

Actually, he said as much when he came to Durham, saying he saw himself as a
four-year player and a guy who wanted to do things over a full career, like win
titles and maybe get his jersey retired. He's got a couple of ACC titles,
a regional title, and a shot at the brass ring next year. He's also got an
excellent shot at hanging #4 from the rafters. But what else?

Well, aside from being the most hated player in the ACC, he's building name
brand. Being disliked is the flipside of it; the upside is that every
basketball fan from Durham to Denmark will know who the kid with the sweet
jumper is. When he does take the draft walk next year, he'll come with a
marketable name and a reputation. Guys like Kwame Brown and Eddy Curry are
still trying to build that.

As we have said for years, there is no salary cap on endorsements, and J.J.
will be in a position to get some big-time endorsements.