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Barry Jacobs On Final Four Teams & Power Conferences


Final Four Entrants By League Since 1990
Total Titles* Different Entrants
ACC 18 5 4 Duke,
Georgia Tech, Maryland, UNC
Big 10 12 1 7 Indiana,
Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio St., Wisconsin
SEC 10 3 4 Arkansas,
Florida, Kentucky, Miss. St.
Big 12 8 0 4 Kansas,
Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas
Pac 10 5 2 3 Arizona,
Stanford, UCLA
Big East 4 3 2 Connecticut,
* 2005 champion not included, for obvious reasons.
  1. Teams from the six power conferences have accounted for 57 of 64 berths in the Final Four since 1990. That’s 89 percent of the spots. They’ve won the last 14 consecutive championships.
  2. UNLV in 1990 was the last team from outside the six power conferences to win the NCAA title. Louisville, like the Running Rebels a former regular at the game’s highest levels, is the gatecrasher in 2005. The Cardinals last won a title in 1986, defeating Duke in the championship game. Other Final Four teams from outside the Super Six since 1990: UNLV in 1991, Cincinnati in 1992, UMass in 1996, Utah in 1998, and Marquette in 2003.
  3. Duke and UNC have been to the Final Four on 14 occasions since 1990, including the Tar Heels this year. Their total appearances, and four titles during that span, surpass any league.
  4. Since 1986, a span of 20 years, the ACC has 21 Final Four entrants. The Big 10 is next with 15. Duke reached 10 Final Fours in 20 years. UNC has seven visits, Kansas six. Four visits by Kansas, and one by UNC, came under Roy Williams.