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Shut Up And Cheer

An apparently unhappy UNC fan wrote a letter to the Durham
paper ripping
Coach K, Duke, the Cameron Crazies, ESPN, American Express
, and on and on
and on. Among other things, he complains about Coach K's language.

Just a couple of points. First, his team is in St.
Louis. Wouldn't he be better of enjoying that? And second, as far as fan
vulgarity goes, Duke has to get in line behind Maryland, N.C. State, and
Virginia Tech at a minimum. And third, it was Roy Williams (then at
Kansas), not Mike Krzyzewski, who said "I don't give a shit about North
Carolina" during a national television interview, thus setting a new
standard for public vulgarity by coaches.

UNC has a great team and a great chance at a national
title. You'd think fans like Kenneth Howell would be more interested in
that than it whatever is happening or happened at Duke.