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ACC Curse?

Orin Day has found an interesting set of coincidences. The ACC team that had the best finish in a year ending with a '4' invariably missed the NCAA Tournament the following year:

NC State was the only invite, and lost in the second round. The following year, they were 12-2, ACC Tournament champions, but also on probation, so Duke went to the dance.
Duke reaches the NCAA Finals, then in 1965 they finish first at 11-3, but lose in the ACC Tournament Finals and stay home
NC State wins the NCAAs, but finishes tied in 1975 for second at 8-4, lost in the ACC finals, and stayed home.
Virginia lost in the NCAA semis, and in 1985 finished 3-11.
Duke lost in the championship game, and in 1995 went 2-14.
Georgia Tech went to the championship game...