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Deacs Shot Down By Mountaineers In Double OT

We didn't get to see the entire Wake-West Virginia game, but we saw both
overtimes, and Wake's bugaboo all season, defense, came
back to haunt them.
West Virginia played with immense heart and
courage, and no one can or should take away or minimize their extraordinary
game, but Wake got killed by open three point shots.

It didn't help any that Justin Gray and then Chris Paul fouled out - Paul had
some sensational plays before leaving the game - but if Wake's defense had been
better they could have won.

For that matter, if their defense had been better, they wouldn't have let
West Virginia back into the game in the first place.

And for another what-if to ponder over the summer, if Chris Paul hadn't hit
Julius Hodge in his bits and pieces, and had played in the ACC Tournament, they
might have made the finals and would have had a #1 seed - and would have missed
West Virginia.

Now they lose Taron Downey, Danelius, and possibly Chris Paul, depending on
what he decides to do about the draft. They'll be back - particularly if
Paul returns - but for the short term, their moment has passed.

Wake fans are in a bit of a conundrum when it comes to which ACC school to pull for. State? The fallout over the Paul/Hodge incident is still strong. Duke? Like everyone else in the conference, they're tired of us winning. Georgia Tech? Maybe so, but they're a ways away.

So has it come to this? Wake fans are pulling for UNC?