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Next Up - Miami

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Next up for Duke is the rematch with Miami, and Senior Day for Daniel Ewing, the winningest player in college today, and Reggie Love. Miami got a taste of the
ACC experience when Duke showed up down there, and their students were, well,
crazy. The gym was packed and you couldn't tell the difference between Miami
and, say, State or Maryland. Duke put them away, but Miami gave
notice that they plan to be a factor.

Now, though, they have to get used to Cameron, and a lot has changed since
the first game.

After starting 3-1 in the conference, losing to Georgia Tech and then losing
to State, UVa, and FSU, Miami has hovered just at, over, or under .500.
Since then, they've beaten Clemson twice, Maryland once, and Florida
State. They've gone 4-7 since the first meeting, and their wins haven't
been impressive.

On the other hand, though, Guillermo Diaz has emerged as a huge talent
capable of derailing anyone. Robert Hite is a real talent. William Frisby
is steady, as is sidekick James King, who will be playing in his hometown.

Duke, which had been rounding into form before Sean Dockery went down, will
be trying to adjust yet again on the fly. It won't be easy, and he's a key
part of their perimeter defense and invaluable against a team with a powerful set of guards.

Unfortunately, it looks like the posting of the rest of this was screwed up. Our apologies.