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Survive and Advance - Duke Downs UVa, 76-64

It probably wasn't a game which people will write home about, but Duke beat
Virginia 76-64 in an at-times uncomfortable game.

Coach K's contention that not playing on day 1 might hurt the higher-ranked
teams seemed to be on target as Wake was upset, UNC had to come back to defeat
Clemson, and Georgia Tech struggled for a half against Virginia Tech before
finishing it out.

Virginia did a great job on J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams for the first
half and part of the second, limiting Redick to 1-12 shooting before he warmed

Somehow, though, at this late date, Virginia laid off of Lee Melchionni, and
he had a super first half and made them pay. And while everyone will talk
about his scoring, which is obviously important, the guy grabbed nine
boards. And with McClure and Nelson grabbing five, and Reggie Love
grabbing eight, Duke dominated the boards 54-30.

It's also worth mentioning that while UVa controlled Shelden Williams for a
while, they may wake up and have dreams about his defense. Williams was
like a vengeful god, swooping in from nowhere, from behind people, to block,
alter shots and frighten shooters. He was a powerful, powerful force on

Dave McClure and DeMarcus Nelson also were solid reserves and McClure in fact
had his best game at Duke.

UVa played a super game under very difficult circumstances. There's no
way they can't be hearing the same rumors the rest of us are hearing about their coach..

Yet they came out and played hard and for much of the game controlled the
pace. They hung around for a fairly long way into the second half before
Duke pulled ahead.

Next up for Duke is a revived N.C. State. State was superb in their revenge
game against Wake and will be a significant challenge. The game is at 4
p.m. Saturday, and the winner gets the winner of the UNC-Georgia Tech game.

Just as an aside, despite playing the game in Alaska (next season, Alaska
moves to Boston and Gary Williams will have to settle for B.C.), three of the
four teams still alive are from the dreaded Old North State. As Barry
Jacobs and Al Featherston have amply demonstrated, whatever success in the
tournament is about, location is not a big deal.