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The Last 18 Seconds

The last 18 seconds of the Duke-Carolina game were really interesting. Here's what
we saw:

After Redick shot the airball, and the ensuing timeout, UNC got the ball in to Raymond
Felton, who brought the ball over at 14:2 with Daniel Ewing guarding. At about
9:6, he started to make his move, heading left. Daniel Ewing went for the steal,
leaving Felton open with about 8:5 left. Felton headed towards the foul lane, spun
around, and looked for Rashad McCants

May tried to set a pick forMcCants, but first, McCants got between May and Redick,
and then he headed for the basket. After that, he headed back out to get the ball,
but May could no longer screen Redick, who jumped like a cat into the passing lane.
at about 5.3.

McCants headed back down low, but Ewing had recovered and made that a difficult
pass. Felton headed right and gave the ball, for some reason, to David Noel, who
caught the ball with 3:9 left and spun to drive with DeMarcus Nelson guarding.
He jus t lost it. The ball drifted out of bounds and the clock ran out.

The weirdest camera shot was of McCantsa and Felton, standing very close, breathing
hard, but not looking at each other and definitely not talking to each other.