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ACC Roundup

Injuries continue to roil the ACC, with
Maryland now losing Ekene Ibekwe with a cracked rib
. He'll miss the Virginia
Tech game. Bad news for Tech, too, as Carlos Dixon has a hand injury which
may keep him out of the key Tuesday night game.

School Conference Overall
North Carolina 8-1 19-2
Duke 7-2 17-2
Wake Forest 7-2 19-3
Virginia Tech 5-4 12-8
Miami 5-5 14-7
Georgia Tech 4-5 13-7
Maryland 4-5 13-7
NC State 3-6 13-9
Florida State 3-6 11-11
Virginia 2-7 11-9
Clemson 2-7 11-10

Meanwhile, B.J. Elder may play against Clemson. We'll

Austin Johnson of the N.C. State Technician says you could
place blame a lot of places, but
don't blame Julius Hodge for State's season

Despite recent setbacks, Maryland
retains optimism.

Virginia Tech has surprised a lot of people with their ACC
debut, but Seth Greenberg is a tough sort of character, and he
seems determined to put Tech in the ACC's upper echelon
. Tuesday's game
against Maryland is really key: with a win, Tech would be firmly in fourth
place, and Maryland would be in a bit of a hole with a loss. It's not the
highest rated game of the year, but it could be one of the most intense.
Look at it this way: if Maryland is not intense, things are going to get
ugly fast. The game is at Maryland.

Georgia is at Clemson, and that should be sort of like Custer's last stand
for Tech. Like Maryland, Tech is one game under .500 in the conference,
and that's not at all where they saw themselves coming into this season.
The Williams-who-won-a-national-championship railed at being picked sixth,
despite being the Williams-who-won-an-ACC-Tournament, but right now, he's

Both teams are really in need of a win, so both games should be very intense.