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ACC Roundup

After last year's monumental collapse at FSU, UNC surely had visions of a
repeat. But they pushed it away and after the 'Noles cut the lead to one
in the second half, UNC
pushed back out in front and won by 21.

School Conference Overall
North Carolina 8-1 19-2
Duke 7-2 17-2
Wake Forest 7-2 19-3
Virginia Tech 5-4 12-8
Miami 5-5 14-7
Georgia Tech 4-5 13-7
Maryland 4-5 13-7
NC State 3-6 13-9
Florida State 3-6 11-11
Virginia 2-7 11-9
Clemson 2-7 11-10

Paul has done a superb job of leading Wake Forest.
He's doing exactly
what Gary Williams is trying to get John Gilchrist to do. Gilchrist has
done a lot better at it, but if he could play like he did last spring, Maryland
wouldn't be in the bind they are in and losing to teams like Miami
and Clemson. Now,
he's slumping, and Virginia Tech suddenly looms as a huge game.

There's a
definite sense of concern in TerpTown.

Here's an article about Virginia's surprising performance at N.C. State, where
Pete Gillen re-introduced speed to Virginia basketball.
Here's another
read on what
they did in Raleigh,
here's one more.

State is still trying to get over that game. For Julius Hodge in particular, it
seems like a big kick in the gut.
This guy thinks that Tommy
Amaker might be interested in the Virginia job
if it opens up as everyone
expects. Maybe. Seems unlikely to us. For all his struggles,
Michigan is a much better situation than UVa. Now Mike Brey might be a
reasonable candidate.

Here's a thought: who would be the dream coach for each school in the
ACC? Duke and UNC probably are set, and maybe Wake Forest, too.
Maybe Maryland thinks Gary Williams is the be-all-and-end-all. But we'd
think Brey would be an absolute monster there - he would own the whole region

  • Virginia? Mike Montgomery.
  • N.C. State? Rick Pitino.
  • Clemson? Purnell might be the man.
  • Georgia Tech? Hmmm..Bobby Gonzalez?
  • FSU - they won't do much better than Leonard Hamilton anytime soon.
  • Miami - Haith is their best bet for now.