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Tell Us Your Story Of The Greatest Rivalry In Sports!

This Wednesday will mark the renewal of pleasantries between the blue-clad lads of Durham, and the somewhat less-than-blue-clad lads of Chapel Hill. Around these parts, folks start talking about this game in, oh, mid-April or so. Fans from both sides have great stories from this rivalry, some from on the court, some off. We'd like to hear them! And if you actually got to play in this rivalry, please feel free to drop us a line with your classics. (you guys know who you are!). Use the "General Comments" form on our mail page and add /The Rivalry.

Here's one which still haunts us to this day.

We were kids during the infamous 8-points-in-16-seonds comeback game, and our neighbor was a UNC fan who left, with disgust, with about 30 seconds left.

No, wait, we said, come back! It's not over yet!

Famous last words. We invited a UNC fan back in to witness the greatest comeback in their history.