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ACC Roundup

There are probably some bewildered fans in Raleigh, College Park, and even
Charlottesville about now, after Maryland lost to Miami and UVa beat State in

went to a smaller lineup
, with Jason Cain replacing Elton Brown, who could
stay on the bus as far as we're concerned, Devin Smith, JR Reynolds, Sean
Singletary, and T.J. Bannister.

School Conference Overall
North Carolina 7-1 18-2
Duke 6-2 16-2
Wake Forest 6-2 18-3
Virginia Tech 5-3 12-7
Georgia Tech 4-4 13-6
Maryland 4-4 13-6
Miami 4-5 13-7
NC State 3-5 13-8
Florida State 3-5 11-10
Clemson 2-7 11-10
Virginia 1-7 10-9

We saw Julius Hodge interviewed after the game, and he just sat there, for
the longest time, shaking his head, then finally muttered something about
putting two halves together and blocking out. It was really kind of sad to
watch. He looked like he was ready to cry. Whatever else you can say
about Hodge, he's not a guy who lacks competitive desire.

Sean Singletary hit the winning shot, a putback at the buzzer. State had one
chance left but the long inbounds was intercepted.

As for Maryland, they had an impressive rally at the end to get into
overtime, but see if this sounds familiar: at the end of the game,
Maryland lost because they failed to block out at a critical point. Two word
clue: Nate James.

Maryland is now iffy as far as the tournament goes, and they have no one to
blame but themselves. 13-7 is definitely borderline, and it's almost
impossible to make the field at less than .500 in conference. With the regular
season winding down, Maryland has Virginia Tech and Duke at home, State and UVa
on the road, and closes with Clemson and UNC at home and then Virginia Tech at
Tech. They already know they can beat Duke, and other than Duke, only UNC looms
as a truly dangerous opponent. So for arguments sake, say they go
5-2. That's 18-9 against a tough schedule, and 9-7 in conference.
That should do it.

State on the other hand, is almost certainly done. The NIT is
attainable, but their schedule is brutal: Wake twice, Georgia Tech on the road,
Maryland and UNC at home, Virginia Tech at home, and then UVa at UVa (the second
Wake game is the last of the season).

It won't get nearly as much attention, but Wake knocked off Virginia Tech by
20. Taron Downey was a big deal in this game, and while Wake won by 20,
Tech pushed them for a while.

Good news for Virginia: Mike
Montgomery is finding the NBA tough going
. Maybe he'll be ready to
move back to college ball after this season. He'd be a leading candidate
immediately at UVa.

The other day, Dan Bonner said he didn't think UVa was anyone's dream job,
but he was wrong: Cory
Alexander says it's the only job he wants
. Just because he's never
coached is no reason to stop dreaming.

In the Sunday night Fox game, UNC revisits the scene of last year's epic
collapse in Tallahassee.

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