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ACC Roundup

Duke and Tech aside, there are three ACC games Saturday, with
Maryland at Miami, Wake at Virginia Tech, and N.C. State hosting UVa.

School Conference Overall
North Carolina 7-1 18-2
Duke 6-2 16-2
Wake Forest 6-2 18-3
Virginia Tech 5-3 12-7
Georgia Tech 4-4 13-6
Maryland 4-4 13-6
Miami 4-5 13-7
NC State 3-5 13-8
Florida State 3-5 11-10
Clemson 2-7 11-10
Virginia 1-7 10-9

There is an element of despair in each game. After a hot start, Miami is
gradually fading away, and Maryland's inconsistency is costing them.
Virginia Tech is still in a good position, but Wake is one of the power teams,
and Tech is going to have to play extremely well to win - unless Wake slacks
off, like they did in Tally. State and Virginia - oy, don't get us started.

Virginia is desperate for anything, and State is slipping into NIT territory.
On the other hand, Julius Hodge would then get a chance to make up for his lousy
performance before the home folks in Madison Square Garden.

Craig Littlepages says to forget about it - he's
not firing Pete Gillen in the middle of the season.