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ACC Roundup

In Thursday night's sole conference game, State
lost at UNC
, and now Herb Sendek is losing the local media as well.
Caulton Tudor wrote a politely worded column suggesting that he may never win
enough at N.C. State to deserve the job, and now Lenox
Rawlings has followed suit
, without actually mentioning Sendek's status.

School Conference Overall
North Carolina 7-1 18-2
Duke 6-2 16-2
Wake Forest 6-2 18-3
Virginia Tech 5-3 12-7
Georgia Tech 4-4 13-6
Maryland 4-4 13-6
Miami 4-5 13-7
NC State 3-5 13-8
Florida State 3-5 11-10
Clemson 2-7 11-10
Virginia 1-7 10-9

Here's a quick thought we actually heard from someone we can't
identify - if Bob Knight is sincerely interested in the possible opening at UVa,
as rumored, what about N.C. State?

As for Gillen, the question has been reduced: it's not to fire
or not to fire, but whether to
fire or not to fire right now.

But back to State-UNC: we've heard nothing but raves
about Marvin Williams and we've accepted them. However, the pose he made
on one of his dunks in this game is really borderline bad sportsmanship.
Was it necessary? Times change, but it's hard to imagine a Dean Smith
player pulling that stunt.

State has fallen to eighth place in the conference, or a tie
for it anyway, with FSU.

Here are some basic notes about Virginia
Tech and what's going on up there.

Viv Bernstein has an article up in the New York Times on
Wake's Chris Paul and the various influences on his life and decision making.

Tech has been up-and-down this year, and Paul Hewitt says part
of the reason for that is the
absence of B.J. Elder.

After a hot start in the conference, Miami has now lost four
out of their last five, and welcome
Maryland to town for an interesting game Saturday
. Maryland was
horrible at Clemson. This will be a fun one to watch.