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Early Draft Notions is at times a
very annoying site, but it does give you some idea of what people are thinking
about draft prospects. So with that, let's take a look. Remember that this
is a projection, and no one has yet declared for the draft, nor has anyone
stated any intentions as to who they might take.

First, for Duke: Daniel Ewing is projected to go to Indiana with the
fifteenth pick.

Chris Paul is slated to go third to Charlotte.

Most of UNC's starting lineup is listed as first-round picks: Marvin
Williams, who might as well start, is listed as the second pick, to
Atlanta. Rashad McCants is listed as the ninth pick, to New Jersey, where
he would benefit from passes from Jason Kidd. Raymond Felton would go to
Philadelphia at #12, where he would provide another small, ultra quick guard to
pair with Alan Iverson. Jawad Williams would go to Charlotte at #33.

  • Others:
  • John Gilchrist would go to Detroit with the 22nd pick.
  • Jarrett Jack would go to Cleveland at #24.
  • Portland would take Julius Hodge at # 38.
  • B.J. Elder to the Knicks at # 40.
  • Ismail Muhammad to the Clippers at # 43.
  • Surprisingly, Shelden Williams, Sean May, and J.J. Redick are not
    currently seen by these guys as draft prospects.