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ACC Roundup

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Things are continuing to
spiral downward
in Charlottesville. With the latest loss, to an
also-wretched Providence team, UVa is almost in danger of not missing just the
NCAA, but also the NIT. It's almost impossible now to find someone who
still supports Pete Gillen, which is a pity for Gillen, who is, by all accounts,
a good man. But after this latest loss - featuring a 9-9 three point
effort by a PC player, which testifies to UVa's defense - it's hard to see how
UVa can keep him on.

Conference Overall
rth Carolina 6-1 17-2
Duke 6-2 16-2
Wake Forest 6-2 18-3
Virginia Tech 5-3 12-7
Georgia Tech 4-4 13-6
Maryland 4-4 13-6
Miami 4-5 13-7
NC State 3-4 13-7
Florida State 3-5 11-10
Clemson 2-7 11-10
Virginia 1-7 10-9

Singletary has had some pointed comments
about UVa's performance as well,
criticizing some of his teammates for a lack of heart. Boy, a UVa player
with heart and character...wherever
would you find one of those?

Georgia Tech and FSU had a fine game Wednesday
, which
was finally decided by a botched play. Instead of getting the ball to Jarrett
Jack, they got it to Will Bynum, who won the game.

Virginia Tech defeated Miami, 73-63, in the other Wednesday
night game.

In Thursday night ACC action, UNC and N.C. State are the undercard for D-3
radicals Grinnell.