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ACC Seeds

Two wins today have helped to clarify the picture a bit, there are now only 8192 possible different combinations of results! The odds of a hat draw have increased slightly; there are 704 combinations that lead to a hat draw of one form or another.

For Duke fans, the biggest news is that Duke has clinched at least a third seed, which means that we will play someone on Friday who played on Thursday.

Also, with these results, the five way hat draw remains, but the four-way is now eliminated.

Here are the seeding possibilities for each team:

Best possible seed is a 9 seed. Slight lead for an 11 seed. Small shot at a hat draw.
Either a 1, 2 or 3 seed, with the 3 seed strongest. No hat draw.
Florida State
Can be as high as an 8 seed or as low as an 11 seed, with the 11 seed most likely (But Clemson has a better chance at it.) No hat draw.
Georgia Tech
Could be anything from a four seed to a nine seed. The five has a slight edge now, but it isn't strong. Could also be a part of the five-way hat draw.
Could be anything from a four to a nine, but to be a nine seed Maryland will need to lose a hat draw. Currently, the more likely seed is the four seed.
Miami ranges from a four to an eight, and could be a part of the five-way hat draw.
North Carolina
Anything from a 1 to a 3, with the 1 most likely. No hat draw.
NC State
Currently, anywhere from a four to a ten seed. Also, the most likely team to figure in a hat draw. Most likely seed is 8.
Virginia could reach as high as a 6 seed by winning a hat draw, or sink down to 11. Being the nine seed looks most likely.
Virginia Tech
Ranges from a four to an eight seed. The four is the most likely.
Wake Forest
Anything from a 1 to a 3, with the 2 seed the strongest bet.

There are thirteen more games to play, so expect all this to change!