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ACC Roundup

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There are better things to talk about than the ACC schedule, which
is out (again)
. It just gets us in a bad mood to think about how much
worse this is than the old round-robin.

School Conference Overall
North Carolina 11-2 23-3
Wake Forest 10-3 23-4
Duke 10-4 20-4
Virginia Tech 7-6 14-10
Maryland 7-7 16-9
Miami 7-7 16-9
Georgia Tech 6-7 15-9
NC State 5-8 15-11
Virginia 4-9 13-11
Clemson 3-10 13-13
Florida State 3-10 11-16

Duke retains UNC and Maryland as primary partners, by the way.

This is not the only solution of course. A radical
solution - to the coaches anyway - would be playing a full round robin. No
one wants to give up control of scheduling to do that, but it would be brutal
and fascinating. Unfortunately, it would also diminish intersectional
games, which would be too bad.

The other option would be to go to a three division league and
have South/Central/Northern divisions aligned geographically, with the southern
tier in one group, the Big Four in another, and the four northernmost schools in

Everyone will hate that too, and the N.C. schools will beat
each other's brains out.

The other solution we can think of is to invite two more
schools, say Notre Dame and Florida, and go to seven-team divisions. That
would allow a lot of the benefits of the round robin and also boost football and
basketball. But it's a pointless idea. We're stuck with the new realities, like
it or not.

Gary Williams has responded, somewhat, to John Gilchrist's
suggestion that Maryland
faces some off-court distractions.
And not
everyone is convinced Maryland will make the NCAA field.