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ACC Roundup

In the only other ACC game Wednesday night, Wake blew out Longwood. So what?
What a waste of time.

School Conference Overall
North Carolina 11-2 23-3
Wake Forest 10-3 23-4
Duke 10-4 20-4
Virginia Tech 7-6 14-10
Maryland 7-7 16-9
Miami 7-7 16-9
Georgia Tech 6-7 15-9
NC State 5-8 15-11
Virginia 4-9 13-11
Clemson 3-10 13-13
Florida State 3-10 11-16

In more interesting news, the D.C. press is reporting on problems within
Maryland's program, as relayed by John Gilchrist. Check out these quotes:

  • "I don't know how everybody else feels, but it's just a game. It always should be a fun thing. It's not like you walk out on the floor and it's like, 'I must win this game' or 'We need to go to the NCAA tournament.' Putting all this pressure on it, it's downright silly, in my opinion."
  • "I've slept with a ball since all the way until last year at times. When you look at the game like it's your love, when you look at it like you're having fun, you look at it with that same child-like mentality. When it starts to turn into a job, that's when it gets difficult because you get the ups and downs and the emotions of it. That's when it becomes less fun."
  • "We're fighting things we can't even see. You can look at someone [teammates] and be like, 'What's wrong?' You can just tell. Everybody has things that should be wiped away when you step on the basketball floor, but it's kind of getting carried over this year."

Maryland's RPI has fallen from 22 to 32. If they lose to UNC and
Virginia Tech, they're going to just about be out of chances.

In other news, the N.C. State Technician is calling for change in the
basketball program. We're guessing they're not calling for revoking all
the scholarships....

Also, it occurred to us today, and the Gilchrist business reinforced it, that
the ACC better get Duke while they can. UNC could lose Felton, McCants,
and Marvin Williams to the NBA, not to mention seniors Jawad Williams, who is a
draft pick, and fellow seniors Jackie Manuel and Melvin Scott, who are not. We
think Sean May is likely to stay, thogh he is a draftable talent as well.

State loses Julius Hodge.

Wake loses several key seniors and possibly Chris Paul, if he decides to come
out. Guillermo Diaz, who is one of the best talents we've seen in years,
will have pressure to leave Miami. Georgia Tech will lose at least four
starters, and possibly five if Jarrett Jack leaves early. And Maryland
could lose John Gilchrist.

We'd have to check on B.C., but we're thinking they have a lot of seniors.

Anyway, Duke may lose Shelden Williams, who is having a draftable year to be
sure. J.J. Redick said long ago he wanted to be a four-year guy and we
haven't heard him say anything that would change that. So Duke should
bring back its roster, except for Daniel Ewing, and add a number of talented
freshmen. So the ACC better get its licks in now. Next year, Duke
could completely dominate the ACC.