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Announcing a New DBR Award!!!

he would have an unfair advantage against one of America’s top teams! Yes, of course, don’t you see? Don’t you see? Isn’t it obvious?"

Ladies and gentlemen, please remove the tin foil from your heads and, as one nation and one people, please rise as we announce our first winners of the soon-to-be coveted LaRouche/Zhirinovsky Award:

  • Showing that he can speculate better than anyone at Weekly World News, Dan Collins of the Winston-Salem Journal overcomes those rabid monkeys gnawing on his shoulder blades to murmur that Coach K’s “orchestration” of the game by having walk-ons play for about three minutes demands an ACC Star Chamber inquisition:
    “The repercussions of the game may prove to be more interesting than the game itself. Will Krzyzewski try a similar tactic in another big game, say at North Carolina on March 6? And if he does will the officials, and by extension, the ACC, permit it?”
  • Jason (“Don’t Call Me Wankel”) Mazda of the Wake Forest Black And Gold for his ground-breaking revelation that Patrick Davidson is a killer freak, crazed and buffed from steroids:
    “Regardless of the effectiveness of the ploy, it was a bush-league move by a coach who purports to be one of the greatest in NCAA history. While Davidson is only 6-feet tall and 190 lbs., he was a thug in this game. He was sent out there simply to defend Paul hard, knowing that he could afford to pick up fouls while Paul could not...In true Deacon fashion, Paul took the high road and allowed Davidson to abuse him throughout those two minutes. And in true Duke fashion, Krzyzewski did whatever it took to win the game, classy or not.”
  • David Knox of The Birmingham News who seems to be on the verge of lustful erotic pleasure in wanting to spank Coach K:
    "Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski - one of the most revered college basketball coaches in the country - needs a reprimand, and I'm going to give it to him."

Please send us your submissions as well!