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ACC Roundup

If you think Maryland's performance this season is baffling, be glad you're
not a Terp, particularly
after losing to Clemson at home
. John Gilchrist says "we're
fighting things we can't even see," whatever that refers to, and Gary
Williams says he hasn't had a team this unpredictable in his entire career.

School Conference Overall
North Carolina 11-2 23-3
Wake Forest 10-3 22-4
Duke 9-4 19-4
Virginia Tech 7-6 14-10
Georgia Tech 6-6 15-8
Maryland 7-7 16-9
Miami 7-7 16-9
NC State 5-8 15-11
Virginia 4-9 13-11
Clemson 3-10 13-13
Florida State 3-10 11-16

He was so disgusted with his starters that he yanked them less than two and a
half minutes in. When his ploy didn't work, he put them back in, but they
never caught fire and were down 15, at home, to the worst team in the

With UNC left, and then a trip to Blacksburg, where Tech is also fighting for
a bid, but with considerably more character, and then the ACC Tournament,
Maryland is facing the real prospect of closing the season with potentially four
straight losses. Would 16-12 be enough? Or would they have to make a run
in the tournament?

UNC went to Raleigh and won without Rashad McCants, who is having a stomach
problem, which is a change from the head problems he has traditionally
presented. State did make a game of it, and did push UNC, but it wasn't
nearly enough. At 5-8 in the ACC, and with their traditionally weak
non-conference schedule, this may have been their last great shot at the
tournament, at least in the regular season.

Miami, on the other hand, continues to churn along, kicking FSU to the curb,
65-49, and are now 7-7 in the conference, and tied for fifth with Maryland, but
would own the tiebreaker.

Why is Wake Forest playing 1-28 Longwood - deep in February? What could they
possibly hope to gain? There it is, though. Tonight they'll play
Longwood. Bizarre.

Both schools have lame non-conference records, but the expectations this
seasons for Miami and Maryland were diametrically opposed, and Miami fans are
exultant while Maryland fans - what else? - are probably about to riot.