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ACC Roundup

In Tuesday night ACC action, Miami is at FSU, Clemson is at Maryland, and UNC
goes to N.C. State.

School Conference Overall
North Carolina 10-2 22-3
Wake Forest 10-3 22-4
Duke 9-4 19-4
Maryland 7-6 16-8
Virginia Tech 7-6 14-10
Georgia Tech 6-6 15-8
Miami 6-7 15-9
NC State 5-7 15-10
Virginia 4-9 13-11
Florida State 3-9 11-15
Clemson 2-10 12-13

Maryland has a chance to
pretty much wrap up a bid
should they win, but they've been so up and down,
who knows?

Speaking of Maryland, we've criticized the powers-that-be there for having an
overreaction to cursing during last year's Duke game, but ignoring the much more
dangerous problem of fan violence. Now President Dan Mote thinks a policy
of zero-tolerance of rioting is "much
too extreme."
That leads to the logical question: just how much
rioting is acceptable?

Mote says a conviction should be required for expulsion, and that sounds
fair, but on the other hand, given that Maryland students riot on a regular
basis, maybe the police have just gotten sick of it and are going to squash the
little darlings no matter what anyone thinks.

The other salient point is that a wave of immediate expulsions following the
next riot would likely be instructive.

Miami should beat FSU - they're not assured of a bid, so they better - and
that leaves Carolina and State.

State has had a miserable season, full of injuries and disappointments.
But they've regrouped, and UNC now has personnel problems, including
Marvin Williams (toe) and Rashad McCants (stomach). In keeping with ACC
tradition, of course, that means they'll both hit about 30 points.