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Dukie Goes Big-Time!

This is non-basketball related, but Duke
student Megan Bode has a column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
about the
recent re-enactment from the movie "Old School," during which several
female Duke students were lubed up with baby oil and wrestling in front of a
bunch of Greeks. Police broke up the party and the story made national

There are two sides to this issue, from a feminist point of view, and we only
list them to acknowledge them, not to take a position. The first is, in
Megan's words, that "I was told how incredible it was that girls had finally reached the point where they were free to do whatever they pleased, to have as much fun as the boys."
The second is that "[m]aybe I'm a little old-fashioned in my beliefs, but I feel the girls have taken a step back thanks to this
'freedom,' have placed themselves once more in a position of inferiority and near-subservience to their male classmates."

Discuss amongst yourselves! We just linked it because we think it's
cool that she got her article published.

Actually, the interesting part of the controversy to us was that today's Duke
students prefer "Old School" to "Animal House," which was
not just a tremendously funny movie but which caused its fair share of anarchy
around the country, particularly with food fights and toga parties, among other
celebrations of the film.

"Old School" was funny too, but in our humble opinion, any movie
would be funnier without Will Ferrell, who is just not that funny.