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ACC Roundup

In ACC news, Georgia Tech kept themselves at least on the
bubble by beating FSU, although it was a very close shave: Andrew Wilson fouled
B.J. Elder, who hit both to put the Jackets up 76-75, with 0.4 left on the

School Conference Overall
North Carolina 10-2 22-3
Wake Forest 10-3 22-4
Duke 9-4 19-4
Maryland 7-6 16-8
Virginia Tech 7-6 14-10
Georgia Tech 6-6 15-8
Miami 6-7 15-9
NC State 5-7 15-10
Virginia 4-9 13-11
Florida State 3-9 11-15
Clemson 2-10 12-13

FSU has lost eight games by three points or less. Around next
year or so, they should start winning their share of those.

Too late this year: at 11-15, the NIT is a stretch. A win in Chapel
Hill would be a stunning upset, but Miami, Virginia, and Clemson are all
possible, and they'd have to use the ACC Tournament to get to .500 or

On the other hand, if they won all four remaining games, they could...well,
we're sorry. It just seems like a bridge too far.

Think FSU would like those games back with Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Kent
State, TCU, and Florida International?

That game with Miami is Tuesday, and Tuesday also sees Clemson at Maryland,
with a chance to derail the Terps on the way to the NCAAs, and best of all, UNC
at State.

State, which has had some real health struggles this year, along with their
on-court struggles, was sensational for part of the game against Maryland.
State will have the luxury of six days off, which may be a godsend.