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ACC Roundup

In the only ACC game of the evening, Clemson just took it to
Maryland, beating the Terps 88-73, and no doubt ending the Terps' brief return
to the Top 25. Sharrod Ford had a tremendous game with 25 points and 10
boards, but his stats don't reflect his dominance. He just went over the
Terps on a regular basis, and there wasn't a thing they could do to stop him.

School Conference Overall
Duke 6-1 16-1
North Carolina 6-1 17-2
Wake Forest 5-2 17-3
Virginia Tech 4-3 11-7
Maryland 4-4 13-6
Miami 4-4 13-6
Georgia Tech 3-4 12-6
NC State 3-4 13-7
Florida State 3-4 11-9
Clemson 2-7 11-10
Virginia 1-7 10-8

A big part of that might have been the quick turnaround from
the game in College Park against Georgia Tech Sunday, but still, even Gary
Williams said the Terps looked slow. He's right; they did.

has another injury to deal wit
h: senior Levi Watkins sprained the medial collateral ligament.
It's been a tough year for State: Ilian Evtimov took a while to get over summer
knee surgery, Cameron Bennerman is out indefinitely with an injury, Tony Bethel
had a tough bout with colitis...they've had a tough year.

More bad news for Pete Gillen: a
number of former Virginia players have gone public with their concerns about the
state of the program
. That can't be good. And furthermore, it
sounds like A.D. Craig
Littlepage is setting the bar at the NCAA level.

Tonight Gillen and the 'Hoos take
on Providence in a game between two disappointing programs.

Here's an article about Zabian
Dowdell's basketball-oriented family
- he has three siblings playing college