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Ken Redick - Tech Fans Out Of Control

This is disturbing - according to Ken Redick, he and some other Duke fans were blocked in by Virginia Tech fans and not allowed to leave. He says they were cursed and taunted by the Tech fans and that one fan threatened to throw a chair. We forgot to link the story earlier, so here's that, and sorry for the error.

Here are some relevant quotes from Virginia Tech A.D. Jim Weaver.

  • When Redick complained about the lack of security, Weaver apparently said "just like you provided coach (Seth Greenberg) at Duke," referring to Greenberg's departure after being tagged with a second technical in Durham.
  • "This Duke fan, if he wasn't literally in my face, he was the next thing to it. There were some Hokies back in the hallway and I said, 'Boy, this person seems like a tough, or a sore, loser.' And, one of the Hokies said to me, 'Well, that's Mr. Redick.'"
  • "Talk to him [Redick] because he has all the answers," Weaver said when asked later about the incident.
  • Assistant A.D. Sharon McCloskey confirms the menacing crowd, and summoned an officer, but denies cursing: "I can't say there wasn't any cursing. I just didn't hear it. As the crowd started getting closer and closer, I told one of the ushers, 'Go get an officer.' Of course, [the fans] weren't listening to me. Once the policeman got there, they were like, 'OK, see ya.'"

Look, there's obviously no point in responding in kind, and even if anyone wanted to, it can't happen this year and for all we know may not be possible next year, since Tech may not visit next year. Let's deal with that first.

Like Maryland, Virginia Tech officials seem horrified by the fact that their crowd might curse, though they were pretty clearly chanting "bullshit" over the air when they found the officiating not to their liking.

But like Maryland, Tech is making a serious mistake when they worry about cursing and dismiss a potentially violent environment. It's fine to dislike Duke, hate Duke for all anyone cares, but when it starts to get into bottle throwing or not allowing people to leave and threatening violence, it's only a matter of time before something significantly worse happens. Weaver can be a schmuck if he wants to, but schmucks get sued to, and statements like the ones above have a habit of showing up in court when they do. And if there is one place besides basketball where Duke is dominant in the ACC, it's in high-powered lawyers.

Lawsuits should be a last resort. The conference needs to deal with the possibility of serious violence now before someone gets out of control and someone gets beaten or stabbed or worse.