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ACC Roundup

are some generic ACC notes
dealing with the aftermath of the Duke win in
College Park, FSU's travel burdens, and Oliver Purnell's struggles at Clemson.

School Conference Overall
Wake Forest 10-2 22-3
North Carolina 9-2 21-3
Duke 8-4 18-4
Miami 6-6 15-8
Maryland 6-6 15-8
Virginia Tech 6-6 13-10
Georgia Tech 5-6 14-8
NC State 5-7 15-10
Virginia 4-8 13-10
Florida State 3-8 11-14
Clemson 2-9 12-12

Speaking of Maryland, we didn't realize that the
Duke win was their only road win this season
. They go to
Charlottesville Saturday, and with UVa suddenly doing much better, and Maryland
so up and down, it should be very interesting indeed.

Virginia is playing better, but there are still problems, and
Pete Gillen is keenly aware that his
neck is on the chopping block.

UNC has one of the more amazing streaks in college basketball,
having never lost at
home to Clemson
. That's a 50 year streak, and it's not likely to
change Saturday. We do think Oliver Purnell is an excellent coach, and we
do think that he'll be able to win at UNC in the near future. He's doing
an excellent job recruiting, and he's a solid coach offensively but he's an
excellent defensive coach. That's what it'll take to do it.

Marvin Williams is still suffering
from an injured toe
, but he is expected to play.

While David Noel is hoping that Duke
smokes Wake
which would put UNC in first, Rashad
says he just pulls for Duke to lose. After his performances in
Cameron so far, we can see why.

After Virginia Tech's big win Thursday, they have a tough
challenge: getting
past it.
Seth Greenberg's phone has been ringing off the hook and
after a big win like that, everyone is getting pats on the back. Getting
back in line in time to play Saturday is a real challenge for any program in
this situation. It's a nice problem to have, though. Fan
interest has certainly picked up.

Jeff King was a
big help in the Duke game,
needless to say.

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