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Hockey's Done! RBC Next?

Not that we really care about hockey, but since the NHL season has been
canceled, it does present some interesting situations for State.

Raleigh's mayor was on the radio Wednesday, and said that the RBC was fine,
that the hotel tax would cover most of the bills, but that if hockey didn't
straighten its issues out, there might be a new "anchor" at the RBC.

So is he saying they'd kick the 'Canes out at some point? Wow. That's
pretty intense.

It also makes one wonder who they would expect to get to replace them.
An NBA team would flop here in a hurry, given the passion for college hoops, and
you can't play football or baseball in the RBC. Arena football?

Wouldn't count on that making a lot of money.

Now, they could make a pile of money from our favorite pet project, a holiday
basketball tournament, say maybe the Winn-Dixie Classic. Hmmm...It's not
an "anchor, but what else is there? We wonder just what he was thinking
about when he said that.