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ACC Roundup

There were three games in the ACC on Wednesday, with UNC beating Virginia,
but not nearly as badly as before, Clemson downing Georgia in a
non-conference game, and State putting on quite a show against Maryland.

Maryland is a tough team to figure. They certainly have the capacity to
get up for Duke, but otherwise, it's really hit and miss.

You obviously can't take Duke out of the record, but look at what else has
happened otherwise: they beat FSU by a basket, got killed by UNC and Wake, beat
Georgia Tech by eight, lost at Clemson and Miami, , got crushed at home by
State, beat Virginia Tech by 15, and now lost to State again.

Despite all the criticism of State this season, let's say this: State was
brilliant for much of this game. When Maryland played them man-to-man, the
offense was razor sharp, and the performance was gorgeous.

Part of that was Maryland though. When they have played Duke this
season, the Terps look like worldbeaters. Otherwise, though, this team has
some problems, and a lot of them seem to center around John Gilchrist, who has
had an up-and-down year with his coach.

He spent more time sitting in this game than was good for Maryland, frankly,
and when the camera was on him, he didn't look like a happy guy.

Gary can't be happy either. Maryland may be off the bubble, but it's not very
far off, his point guard is having issues, and his team gave up a game they
could have won.

In the UNC game, the Heels, like Maryland, brought out some zone, and in
their case it made a significant difference.

UVa is improved, but not to the point where they can play with UNC.

Incidentally, before we forget again, one of the most jarring, weirdest
moments this season was from the game in Charlottesville: when UNC was just
destroying the 'Hoos, the announcer kept right on with his NBA-style patter, and
when Virginia got a dunk late against the scrubs, he celebrated like the game
was still worth talking about. What a weird thing that was.