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Tons of Women's Hoops Links

There's suddenly a lot of stuff to cover out there, so let's get to it.
Here are interviews with Wanisha Smith, Wynter Whitley, and Emily Waner. Also check out this Jessica Foley profile, and this notice that she's been named a District III Academic
All-American. Speaking of decorated Duke players, Alana Beard checks in with her off-season diary. She
talks about her mother visiting her in South Korea and trying all sorts of
different food.

In other news, the ACC released the conference partnership schedule for the next two seasons.
Duke's partners will be UNC, Maryland and Virginia Tech. Duke will play
those teams twice each, and then play 8 more games against the other 8
teams in the league. Weirdly, long-time foe NC State is being partnered
with Boston College.

Coach G had a teleconference this week, wherein she discussed ACC bids,
the Maryland game, and other topics. Here's more on the ACC's post-season chances. The ACC has six
locks at the moment: Duke, UNC, Maryland, Florida State, Virginia and NC
State. Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech both have legitimate shots at the
postseason as well, but have some work to do. Interestingly, the new
additions were expected to be league powers right away, but both Va Tech
and Miami have struggled at times, especially in conference play. The
'canes have been playing much better of late and could be a spoiler down
the stretch, while the Hokies have lost a number of heartbreakers.

Lastly, future Duke player Abby Waner was asked her opinion on Jeryll Womack's
assertion that Duke mismanaged her daughter Brittany Hunter and caused her
harm. To say the least, Abby was angry at the allegation that Coach G
lied about Hunter, and "took it personally." With her sister already
here, it's clear that Abby is already very much a part of the team and
part of Duke--Emily notes above that she wanted her to come with her back
to Duke during winter break, and of course, that "Cameron Crazie" t-shirt
that Abby's wearing on the front page of DBR is another clue as to her