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ACC Roundup

Miami put on a very game performance when Wake Forest came to
town, but ultimately a rushed three pointer sunk them. Had it gone in (it was an
airball), it would have forced overtime. Still, it was a gutty and
impressive performance by Miami.

School Conference Overall
Wake Forest 10-2 22-3
North Carolina 8-2 20-3
Duke 8-3 18-3
Maryland 6-5 15-7
Miami 6-6 15-8
Georgia Tech 5-6 14-8
Virginia Tech 5-6 12-10
Virginia 4-7 13-9
NC State 4-7 14-10
Florida State 3-8 11-14
Clemson 2-9 11-12

In the league's other Tuesday game, FSU got whipped by UMass.
What can you say but ugh?

the good news about the Maryland riot
: it cost the University at least
$110,000. Apparently the previous event also cost about the same, so Duke
can take a lot of pride in costing nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth
of damage to Maryland's budget. Maybe a tournament matchup will add that
much more. No whining about rising tuition, kids! Not when you're out in
the streets causing mayhem and police OT.

Maryland next plays N.C. State in the RBC, which is, as of
this moment, looking like it might not see hockey for awhile. Hurricanes
owner Peter Karmanos says that the owners are prepared to hold out for three
seasons if necessary. There's a flurry of news as Wednesday's deadline
gets closer, but no sign the NHL and their players will develop common sense.

A lot of people will be mad if the season is canceled, but
what about the Royal Bank of Canada? Paying all that money for naming
rights and no season? Wow.

A lot of State boosters are probably secretly pleased.
There must be a calculated risk here - the idea that State could outlast the
skaters if only they were patient - and for some that may seem to be only a
question of time now.

In Wednesday night action, State and Maryland play of course, UVa
is off to Chapel Hill
to take on the Heels after their devastating loss in
Charlottesville. Expect a better performance than that, but if they win,
we'd be shocked.

Maryland says their
chemistry is improving rapidly and don't count them out of anything

Clemson steps out of conference to play Georgia at the Bi-Lo
Center. Now that's class.