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Riot Update & More

Two idiocy updates from College Park -
first, the more or less required riot
after a Duke game. Police are
now acting proactively, and shut down Route 1 before things got entirely out of

Nonetheless, there were fires set, property damaged, arrests
and injuries. One guy, Stephen Lippenholz, got hit by a pepper ball and
was angry, but you know, if you hang out in a riot, even if you're just standing
around, you're asking for trouble, and you shouldn't be surprised when you find

On the other hand, Maryland managed to avoid profanity in
Comcast, so their image is restored!

Well, not quite. We've heard from a few sources now that
one of the taunts aimed at J.J. Redick was a crude comment aimed at his younger

This is the kind of thing that makes it impossible to respect
Maryland. Can you imagine being a teenage girl and hearing something
about yourself chanted over national television?

As we've said before, it's easy to respect guys like Nic
Caner-Medley, Lonny Baxter, Steve Blake, and Juan Dixon, because they only got
where they are through hard work, but anyone who would humiliate an innocent
girl in this way is a disgrace.

Also, we're still waiting for Maryland alum and Fox News
employee Kiran Chetry to tell us exactly when the riot in Durham she mentioned
took place.