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Forde On Duke-Maryland Officiating

Kentucky-based Pat Forde, not exactly a Duke lover, criticizes
the technical on Daniel Ewing in the Maryland game
, pointing out that Ekene
Ibekwe clearly instigated the situation yet was not penalized. Good for

However, he brings up the Jason Williams/Jason Gardner no-call
from the Title Game in 2001, calling it "body-surfing." Here's
the problem with that.

Gardner leaned down. Williams lost his balance and fell
over Gardner and landed on his hands -without touching Gardner. Then he
stood up, and then Gardner stood up. There was no contact.

A smarter point guard would have stood up and drawn the
foul. But until there is contact, how can you have a foul?

What goes unremarked is the remarkable agility Jason Williams
showed to fall over Gardner without touching him.