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ACC Roundup

We didn't catch the beginning of the State-Wake game, and we
didn't know anything about the issue between Julius Hodge and Herb Sendek, but
he was not allowed to start after a dispute over...something. Julius says he
fulfilling an academic requirement when he was supposed to be at a team

School Conference Overall
Duke 8-2 18-2
Wake Forest 8-2 20-3
North Carolina 8-2 19-3
Georgia Tech 5-5 14-7
Maryland 5-5 14-7
Miami 5-5 14-7
Virginia Tech 5-5 12-9
Virginia 3-7 12-9
NC State 3-7 13-10
Florida State 3-7 11-12
Clemson 2-8 11-11

From what we saw, State made a credible run at Wake, and it
would be hard to argue that this is a team that has packed it in. They
never made it easy for Wake.

According to a writer in the Technician, school
spirit is at an all-time low
. Really? We'd have assumed that was
either after the game-day suicide of a player during the Les Robinson era, or,
failing that, then perhaps after the gambling scandal in the 60s.

Wake is now in a three-way tie
with Duke and UNC for the ACC
lead, and has the advantage in any tie-breaker, having beaten both Duke and UNC

Devin Smith has spammed the UVa student body, asking for support for the
team. One
student is not impressed

This is not a basketball story, but the
ACC might have the baseball tournament in Fenway
. That would be a long
way away, but still cool.