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ACC Roundup

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Break up the Cavs! UVa got their second straight ACC win Wednesday
beating FSU by one, 56-55.
Pete Gillen stuck with the same starting
lineup that worked in Raleigh. Devin Smith hit a three with 5.2 left for
UVa's only lead of the game.

School Conference Overall
Duke 8-2 18-2
North Carolina 8-2 19-3
Wake Forest 7-2 19-3
Georgia Tech 5-5 14-7
Maryland 5-5 14-7
Miami 5-5 14-7
Virginia Tech 5-5 12-9
NC State 3-6 13-9
Virginia 3-7 12-9
Florida State 3-7 11-12
Clemson 2-8 11-11

Apparently, the fact that Duke is not as interested in having a rivalry with
Maryland as Maryland is in having a rivalry with Duke really
annoys some people.

Anyone reading this who
wouldn't take this class for credit?

Thursday night's only ACC game is State at Wake, and that's an interesting
one, because there's an increasing sense that Herb Sendek may be
vulnerable. A win against Wake, while it seems unlikely, would take some
pressure off of Sendek.