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ACC Roundup

more on Grinnell and their wild offensive system,
which will be on ESPN on
Wednesday night. It's going to be weird, but how could it not be
compelling to watch?

Eric Prisbell of the Post argues that Maryland has basically
figured things out and overcome their previous shortcomings. They're
looking good, but two games isn't enough to make that argument.

School Conference Overall
Duke 6-1 16-1
North Carolina 6-1 17-2
Wake Forest 5-2 17-3
Maryland 4-3 13-5
Virginia Tech 4-3 11-7
Miami 4-4 13-6
Georgia Tech 3-4 12-6
NC State 3-4 13-7
Florida State 3-4 11-9
Virginia 1-7 10-8
Clemson 1-7 10-10

Here's something we noticed in the last two games, and if we
did, we're sure the real basketball people did: Ekene Ibekwe has a problem with
his temper. We saw it at Duke when he got into it with Shavlik Randolph,
when Randolph did the fairly standard thing of putting a hand on him during an
out-of-bounds play. Ibekwe slapped it away and got really angry about it,
and it almost escalated. He got a little tense with Tech, too. Don't
be surprised if some teams now try to provoke him intentionally.

Maryland is at Clemson for a Tuesday night special, which they
should win. Littlejohn is a very tough place to win, though Clemson
has had a tough year to date
. They have to have a slight advantage,
though, since Maryland has such a short turnaround after the Tech game.

Here's a nice article on former State star Chuckie Brown, who
finished his degree this past December, and is now starting a coaching career
We've met Chuckie before, not that he'd remember, but he's a truly nice guy.

Speaking of State, Tony Bethel's return may
be a pretty big deal for the Pack

Here's a bit of good news: Virginia Tech's Carlos Dixon will
likely play against Miami
after injuring his elbow vs. Duke.

The Cavalier Daily has some useful advice for Pete Gillen - just
play the guys who want to play hard and the hell with it
. He'd
probably rather hear that than
hear this.