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Brittany Hunter's Complaint -- Three Views

A story has emerged about former Duke player Brittany Hunter's
experience at Duke. She and her mother, Jeryll Womack, are accusing the
coaching staff and medical staff of mismanagement of Brittany's knee
injury, and have intimated that they may sue Duke if Brittany is unable to
play again at UConn. Check out three different links to this issue. The
first is from the Connecticut Post, and its venom towards Duke and
partisanship towards UConn fairly drips off the page. A much better
paper, the Hartford Courant, had a much more even-handed account, one that asks some different questions. Finally,
check out the story from the News & Observer, which has some important quotes that poke
holes in Womack's conspiracy theory. Basically, she alleges that Coach G
would stop at nothing to win the national title for Alana Beard, and so
she rushed Brittany back too soon in order to do so. Besides the fact
that this makes no sense (if she wanted her to win the NCAA tournament,
why not wait until then instead of bringing her back for meaningless games
in January?), it's obvious from the quotes that Coach G was not trying to
rush her back. The articles all state some ways in which Brittany was
deficient in her rehab, which Womack tries to downplay (missing therapy
sessions, being constantly late for therapy, not taking medication, not
using crutches, etc). Suffice it to say that this was the tip of the
iceberg. Womack and Hunter's statements are staggeringly naive at best
and slander at worst. Short of an actual lawsuit taking place, Duke is
strapped in its responses, because any medical information relating to
Hunter is confidential unless Brittany allows it to be released (which she
did for the UConn doctors to make their quotes). It'll be interesting to
see how this story continues to play out.