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ACC Roundup

There is only one Friday night ACC game, and that features Clemson taking on
mighty ETSU. ETSU has a history of basketball surprises, but at 1-4, this
may not be the year to spring one.

On Saturday, N.C. State hosts titan Appalachian State, Georgia Tech hosts
Tennessee State, St. John's visits Virginia Tech, and Wofford, after giving
Clemson fits, takes on Miami.

But Duke-Texas aside, the big game this weekend is B.C. and Maryland, as
Boston College gets baptized in the ways of the ACC. It should be a particularly
intense game, as Maryland, despite their antipathy towards any N.C. based team,
is nonetheless ferociously proud of its conference affiliation, and B.C. is
looking to stake a claim. Should be a classic.

Here are some ACC links for your reading pleasure and as part of our ongoing
attempt to slow down the productivity of American workers.