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ACC Roundup

In Thursday night ACC action, FSU whipped Texas Southern, 90-59, Tech lost to
Georgia, 91-75, Fordham beat Virginia 62-60, Virginia Tech bounced back from
their tough loss to Duke to down NC A&T, 94-66, Maryland beat Western
Carolina 87-57, and UNC beat St. Louis, 75-63.

Maryland had a bit of adversity, as James Gist and Chris McCray had passing
injuries (back spasm and and ankle injury) and struggled for the first half
before beating WCU thoroughly.

UNC's game was closer than the score might suggest. Roy Williams was
not 100% because he threw out his back while picking up his shoes Wednesday
morning. He could barely be on the court because he was in such pain.
Having been there, we can empathize and hope he recovers quickly. We
wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Derek Whittenburg led his Fordham team to an upset over Virginia, which
played without their most essential player, Sean Singletary. Fordham won
by a bucket.

Virginia Tech had no issues with NC A&T, and used the game to bounce back
from the Duke trip. Coleman Collins said "We could taste it. In the
span of 1.6 seconds, history changes. ... I was on 'SportsCenter' with a
horrified look on my face. It's just one of those things in life where you wish
you could rewind it and go back. You start soul-searching and wondering what you
could've done differently."