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ACC Roundup

In Tuesday night's games, B.C. lost to Michigan State 77-70, in a sort
of coda to the ACC-Big Ten Challenge the Eagles had to sit out, and Clemson
barely survived Wofford, 62-60.

In College Park, Gary
Williams isn't sleeping well
after GW colonized Maryland's backcourt,
stealing their only resource (the ball) and diverting production to G-Dub's end
of the court.

ACC foes are taking note, and until they prove they can resist, Maryland can
expect to be pressed and pressed often.

Beat reporters Eric Prisbell of the Post and Heather Dinich of the Sun
noticed the same telling detail:

Dinich: As Maryland coach Gary Williams briskly walked out of MCI
Center after his team's 78-70 loss to No. 19 George Washington in the BB&T
Classic yesterday, he carried a crumpled piece of paper in his left hand.

It was the box score, and it looked like it had been through a washing machine.

Prisbell: After Gary Williams walked out of MCI Center late Monday
night carrying a crumpled copy of the box score, the Maryland coach returned
home to watch videotape of the loss to George Washington. Then he replayed the
40 minutes in his mind countless more times.

Gary was probably trying to rub the 25 turnovers off of the stat sheet.

Aside from everything else, it's surprising to us that no one has made a big
run at GW coach Karl Hobbs. If he finishes out this year with a great run in the
A-10 and in the tournament, look for his name to be tossed around a

Just out of curiosity, and a lack of things to speculate about, who might be
looking in the ACC?

Well, some have speculated that Skip Prosser might not stay
indefinitely. Herb Sendek always gets a certain encouragement to leave, no
matter how well State does, and one year he might act on that. The best
bets, though, might be in Florida.

Leonard Hamilton has, thus far, bombed at Florida State. He could have
a good year this year, but either way, if a better job came open, might he be

And while Frank Haith is a good fit at Miami, would a good offer from a real
basketball school turn his head?

The other possibility could be Seth Greenberg. He did a very solid job
at USF before coming to Virginia Tech. Last year exceeded expectations,
and if he continues to improve, people will be tempted to, well, tempt
him. But it's hard to beat the ACC if you're a basketball coach.

Speaking of Greenberg, here's
the letter he sent to Virginia Tech fans
after his team's heart-breaking
loss to Duke.

here's an unhappy undertone
to the recent ACC Football championship.
It would be better if these boys were not named Bowden.

UNC may
or may not have Quentin Thomas back
for St. Louis, but freshman
Bobby Frasor has done a solid job so far