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Tons of Women's Links!

There's a lot to share, so without further ado:

This year is the 25th anniversary of the women's NCAA tournament. Go vote in
this poll to select an all-time tournament team.

Coach G helmed this year's Women's Under-19 squad that won a gold medal, and
she had Abby Waner as her starting point guard. Well, that team was named USA
Basketball's team of the year. It's interesting to see how coaching that
team is influencing her this year, especially with regard to emphasizing post

I'll have some commentary on the Duke-Texas Tech game shortly, but here a few
related links in the meantime:
Currie comes back for senior year
Texas photo gallery

Also, check out this Q&A with Carrem Gay and Mistie Williams' latest blog entry. She reveals the very
special ways in which the Waner sisters show affection for each other.

Going back down under, Alana Beard's Canberra teammate Tully Bevilaqua did a Q&A with her about playing in the WNBL.
Everyone in Oz was positively glowing about her play; check out this
farewell article and her last boxscore. Beard is moving on to Korea next, but there's a
good chance she'll be back next year.

Finally, it is unusual that two of the best girls' basketball players in the
country are both from Delaware, but so it goes. The two rivals, Elena Delle
Donne (Class of 2008) and Khadijah Rushdan (Class of 2007), are both quite
prized by Duke. Here's an interview with both of them.