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ACC Roundup

Looks like George Washington has Maryland's number: they beat
the Terps again,

Meanwhile the
Williams-who-has-also-won-a-national-championship is back in the Top 25: UNC is
#23 in the AP Poll. If they get through this week unscathed, they'll
surely pass Maryland.

And speaking of UNC, we don't usually follow the women's team, but
they laid a major whipping on UConn,
which is certainly worth noting.

Tuesday features Clemson and Wofford, which sounds easy, but hasn't been for
Clemson lately. And also Boston College will face Michigan State in
the Jimmy V Classic in the Garden.

If B.C. loses, then that means that only Sean Dockery's miracle shot would
keep Clemson from being the conference's only undefeated team.