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ACC Roundup

We didn't think UNC could pull it off, frankly. We had Kentucky by
about nine or so, and figured that the Heels would wind up with a nice run but
we figured Kentucky's defense would strangle the young Heels.

So much for that.

UNC pulled off a remarkable upset, in our opinion, going into one of the
toughest environments in the country with three freshmen, one guy who was a
reliable reserve prior to this season, and another guy who had never really done

It's testimony to a young team with a lot of heart, certainly, but also
to superb coaching. Hats off to the Heels for a most impressive win.

It's not on the same level, but Clemson gave South Carolina a fairly solid
thump, winning 82-63, as the ACC won a mini-challenge Saturday.

Being Clemson-South Carolina, naturally, there was a fight and an ejection.

Miami beat Birmingham Southern, as they should, and B.C. beat mighty Sacred
Heart, 77-66. Coach Al Skinner said that B.C. has been playing to the
level of the competition, which could be a problem, since Michigan State is
coming up.

Sunday sees Duke and Virginia Tech, of course, and Virginia travels to
Georgia Tech for a very interesting matchup.

Tech had a disastrous date with Illinois-Chicago, but then was very
impressive against Michigan State. Virginia has shown some courage this
year, and seems to be playing with a lot more passion. It should be a very
interesting game.