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Illini Fans Getting A Bit Ahead Of Themselves

Illinois fans are apparently taking their undefeated record seriously. Well,
it's nice, but who have they played? The closest games were with UNC (four
points), Xavier (by three), and Georgetown lost by 10. Next up: a
rousing game against UT-Martin!

There's nothing wrong with what Bruce Weber did, which was to ratchet his
schedule down after losing key players. Every coach does that. But
fans shouldn't confuse being unbeaten at this point with greatness.

11/18 S
Dakota St
W 90-65
11/20 Texas-PA 71-59
11/22 Tex
W 93-59
11/25 Wichita
W 55-54
11/26 Rutgers W 77-57
11/29 at UNC W 68-64
12/03 Xavier W 65-62
12/05 Arkansas
W 75-49
12/08 G'town W 58-48
12/10 at Oregon W 89-59
12/18 Coppin
W 61-42
12/21 Missouri W 82-50
12/28 SE
Mo St
W 89-64
12/30 UT-Martin *8:00 PM
01/05 #9 Mich
9:00 PM